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How can anyone trust a single thing the media reports?

YouTube video of report aired by MSNBC "Morning Meeting" discussing implications of protesters wearing firearms to protests.

The list of inaccurate and/or unsupported things in this segment is quite lengthy. Some of them are arguable and some of them are not. But clearly the entire focus of the segment was about how the people bringing guns to these protests (which I believe shows rather poor judgement on their part since it is quite counter-productive to the very point they are trying to make) are obviously angry white people upset because we elected a black president. They obviously felt it was absolutely essential to include video of one such protester carrying a "machine gun" -- which, of course, an AR-15 is not -- followed by the narrator asking about whether there is a racial overtone because "here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns."

Just one minor problem with that report -- the man that brought the AR-15 is black.

YouTube video of an interview with the protester discussed in the MSNBC report.

How can anyone claim, with a straight face, that this segment was not very carefully edited specifically to conceal the race of the person that was carrying the AR-15? In fact, they had to edit it so much that they had to repeat what was left three times in order for it to be long enough to have anything at all! Could it be because the facts did not jive with the story they wanted to put forward?

Another point of interest, unrelated to the MSNBC report, is that the people that brought guns to the rally pre-coordinated doing so with the Phoenix Police Department. Similarly, the man that brought a gun to the NH rally notified the police beforehand and obtained permission from the property owners first. Again, I'm far from certain that they were smart from the standpoint of moving the debate in their favor, but it is clear that they were far from irresponsible in how they went about it.