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This page is nothing more than a list of businesses that, for one reason or another, we felt it would be useful to have their information handy. There is no information here that is not publicly available - we do not post unlisted numbers, for instance.

For those that want to learn all kinds of deep, dark secrets about us by having access to this list, you will be disappointed because you lack vital information regarding why a given entry is on the list, how frequently it is referenced, or how long it has been since it was last actually referenced. Some of these entries were made for one-time convenience, perhaps with someone we were considering doing business with or because we felt it an easy way to make the information available to someone else that wanted it. Many are here because a neighbor, relative, or friend works there. In addition, there are numerous "salt" entries that have been pulled more-or-less randomly from the phonebook to further reduce the intelligence value of the list. Finally, it takes very little to get added to the list -- in general, if I look up the same business more than once, I will place then on the list if we (1) think there is a remote chance we might need it again, and (2) are in a position to do so before we forget. While there is certainly some information about us that could potentially be gleaned from the list, it is of minimal value and represents, in our opinion, a more than acceptable risk in exchange for us having easy access to this information.

Sam's Club
1850 E. Woodmen Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
1770 Deer Creek Road
Monument, CO 80132
(719) 488-2244