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Miscellaneous Legacy Links

Courses I am teaching and/or have taught

CS-110 (Spring 2007)

ECE-1021  (Fall 2004)  (NOTE: I am not teaching in Spring 2005).

ECE-3220 (Spring 2003)

ECE-1011 (Discontinued Course)

University Links

UCCS Main Web Site

EAS Web Site

ECE Web Site

CS Web Site

Course Links

CS 592 Website - Applied Cryptography

ECE 5615 - Fundamentals of Computer/Network Security

ECE 5211 Website - Rapid Prototyping with FPGAs

CS 591 Website - Fundamentals of Computer/Network Security

CS 522 Website - Communications Networks

CS 570 Website - Automata

CS 550 Website - Operating Systems

CS 572 Website - Algorithm Design

CS 520 Website - Computer Architecture

CS 302 Website - C#/.NET

Instructor Links

Dr. Mark Wickert homepage e-mail

Dr. Michael Ciletti homepage e-mail

Dr. Lewis Pinson: homepage e-mail

Dr. Charles Shub: homepage e-mail

Dr. Richard Wiener: homepage e-mail

Dr. Xiabob Zhou: homepage e-mail

Dr. C Edward Chow: homepage e-mail

Dr. Jugal Kalita homepage e-mail