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Not too many pics of the three animals this year -- Denver, Missy, and Stacy (a.k.a., Dimwit, Misfit, and the Putz) -- because we were just too busy running around like chickens with our heads cutoff.

The dogs love Phoebe's new furniture! At first Phoebe would stack pillows on it to keep them off, but they were old hands at that game and just pulled the pillows off to make room for themselves. They are definitely spoiled puppies! But, overall they are well behaved and so we meet them half way.

The last picture truly shows how spoiled the dogs are. While Phoebe and Stacy were gone for Christmas I let the dogs sleep on the bed. Denver is a particularly good snuggle puppy and he will just cuddle up for hours. Missy is a bit more iffy and will usually cozy up on the other side of me but stretch out along your back. The result is that you are pretty well trapped -- but warm!