Dynasys Technical Services

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Dynasys Technical Services (DTS) provides a variety of technical services to its customers. Originally, DTS was formed as a vehicle with which to provide consulting, design, and prototyping services for an electronic radon level monitor for a Golden, Colorado start-up company. Since then, DTS has served somewhat as a catch-all company that provides whatever services the owner is able to perform for anyone that is willing to pay for them. This has included planning the expansion of the servohydraulic testing capabilities of one one of the research groups at Boulder's NIST laboratories, including the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of the associated hoists and support structures. It has also included performing annual capital reserves studies for more than half a dozen local homeowners associations in a more than decade long collaboration with a small property management company. inging and fabricating a and design services


DTS is a sole-proprietorship owned and operated by William L. Bahn out of his home located in the Woodmoor Mountain community southwest of Larkspur, Colorado. Created in 1991, DTS has primarily been a side-line business for the majority of its existence with sporadic periods during which it has been Mr. Bahn's primary business. At the present time, Dynasys is once again a full-time endeavor with the overwhelming majority of its efforts focused on providing research into unkeyed jam resistant communications for the Academy Center for Cyberspace Research at the United States Air Force Academy.