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Testing Procedures

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Overall testing within CAP is governed by CAPR 50-4. Specific tests also have additional requirements per the regulations governing those tests. In particular, testing within the Cadet Program is also governed by CAPR 52-16.

Testing Positions

Test Control Officer (formerly the Testing Officer)

The Test Control Officer (TCO) is responsible for oversight of all written tests administered within the unit. This includes test inventory and security. They also ensure that Test Administrators (TA) are properly trained and perform their duties properly. Within AACS, the TCO is responsible for ordering examinations and for scheduling TAs.

Test Administrator (formerly the Assistant Testing Officer)

The Test Administrator is responsible for overseeing written exam sessions to include obtaining the necessary testing materials, ensuring that the testing environment is suitable, administering the exams, grading them and entering them into the appropriate database(s). They also supervise any Test Proctors that are assisting with the exam session.

Test Proctor (unofficial position)

The Test Proctor assists the Test Administrator with administering the exam. At the Test Administrator's discretion, they may assist with any aspect of the testing process except accessing and returning controlled items (i.e., the exams themselves).

Testing Process

Each testing session will have a Test Administrator assigned to it. When possible, a second Test Administrator will be assigned to assist and to act as back-up in case the primary Test Administrator is unable to attend the session for any reason. Test Proctors may also be assigned if the expected number of cadets attending the session is large enough.

Cadet Program Testing

Aerospace Testing

Leadership Testing

Milestone Awards

Cadet Physical Fitness Testing

At the present time, the CPFT is administered by the Cadet Programs staff. The plan is to change this in the future and incorporate the CPFT into the rest of the cadet testing process in order to off-load this task from the Cadet Programs people. The anticipated date for this to happen is Q1 of 2010.

Non-Cadet Program Testing

Tests other than those that are part of the Cadet Program are handled on a case-by-case basis. Anyone needing further information should contact the Test Control Officer directly.